Compass Box 'Experimental Grain' Blended Scotch Whisky


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They used a special parcel of whisky made at the Loch Lomond Distillery from peated malted barley, distilled in their Coffey still. Despite this being 100% malted barley, the use of a column rather than a pot still during distillation means this cannot be classified as a single malt. An appetizing aroma of contrasts: banana and toffee mingle with soft, savory barbecue smokiness and hints of rum and raspberry. Enjoy a soft and oily palate of almond and vanilla before a curiously delicious flavor of burnt pine cones develops.


There are some people in the spirits business who are cut from a different cloth, Compass Box's founder and master blender John Glaser is one of those folks. After many years in the wine trade, he entered the Scotch whisky business with Johnnie Walker, where he honed his palate and helped develop the renowned Green and Gold labels. Somewhat frustrated with the limitations of the corporate world, he felt compelled to follow his passion for making great blends. He started Compass Box to, as he states, "nurture the roots of tradition in order to grow the possibilities." An artist, visionary and one hell of a whisky "blendologist," he has successfully conjured up some of the biggest, baddest and sexiest drams we've tasted.


Varietal:  Scotch Whisky
Winemaker:  James Saxon
Appellation:  Scotland
Alcohol %:  46.0%
Proof:  92
SKU #:  1049313
Size: 750 ml Bottle


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