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This 1L Explorer Pack showcases the Whiskey Family, with 200 ml. bottles of each expression — Iowa Bourbon, Single Malt, Silver Label Single Malt, Malted Rye, and Wheat.  

IOWA BOURBON WHISKEY For the best in bourbon, go straight to the heart of corn country – crafted from 75% corn and distilled to a higher proof than most Bourbons, resulting in a cleaner, more approachable sipping whiskey. This is the best of the Midwest in a bottle! 200 ml, 80 proof.  

MALTED RYE WHISKEY Unlike most rye whiskeys, Cedar Ridge uses malted rye in its grain bill. Malting the rye generates an enzyme that is naturally helpful with the mashing process and adds weight and complex flavors of toast and biscuit to the whiskey. 200 ml, 86 proof.  

WHEAT WHISKEY Technically a single malt, and the softest and sweetest Cedar Ridge whiskey. Aged two years in American Oak barrels, this 100% winter wheat whiskey is a delicate yet flavorful spirit, perfect for cocktails. 200 ml, 80 proof.  

SILVER LABEL SINGLE MALT WHISKEY Each year at Cedar Ridge, a few select barrels of single malt are called upon for extended aging. The resulting “Silver Label” is very rare. This expression was finished in a private stock of the distillery’s own port wine barrels, imparting deep, rich color and a warm, fruit palate. Outside of Iowa, the Silver Label can only be found in this Whiskey Explorer pack. 200 ml, 80 proof.  

SINGLE MALT WHISKEY Handcrafted from pure malted barley, Cedar Ridge single malt first rests in a variety of individual barrels, then is transferred into an unique solera system where the flavors marry, resulting in a depth of character and complexity that is not possible with a single barrel system alone. 200 ml, 80 proof.


About the Producer

Cedar Ridge Distillery is Iowa’s oldest & largest whiskey producing distillery in the state. Cedar Ridge whiskey is for the explorers, aficionados, and connoisseurs that want more authenticity and a personal-human connection when it comes to their whiskey drinking experience. Cedar Ridge, Iowa’s first distillery brings you the best Midwest whiskey from America’s beloved grain belt. Whether you are after a bottle of coveted Silver Label Single Malt or Multi-award winning Iowa Bourbon Whiskey, Cedar Ridge whiskey will be your drink for celebrations, rough days, and any day in between. They know that many people think of Iowa as just having corn – they’re perfectly fine with that. That means that they have the benefit of having the best product to make the best bourbon– Iowa Corn. Fine craftsmanship is a true reflection of Iowa’s mentality, where they do the best with what nature gives them, while maintaining minimal waste. The best corn and grains come from the most fertile soil found right here in America’s Grain Belt.



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