Kaiyo, CASK STRENGTH,Single Cask #5356, 56%, Japan


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This is an 100% Malted Barley Whisky aged in Mizunara Oak. Private label spirits are a huge market for specialty stores like us and Japanese Whiskies are one of the fastest growing categories in the world of spirits, so it made sense that we would partner with a specialty Japanese Distillery to make our first private label. One of the things that really makes Kaiyo’s Whiskies stand out is their use of Mizunara Oak, a species of oak that is much more porous than American Oak meaning while there is more spirit lost to the Angel’s Share during aging, the flavors and depth in the surviving Whisky really stands out to when compared to other Japanese Whiskies. 


Toasted vanilla pairs with notes of toasted oak to bring richness and warmth to the spirit. Rich coco and butterscotch coat the palate while hints of tobacco leaf cut through some of the sweetness keeping the balance of sweet and savory in line. Creamy vanilla bean and dark chocolate add even more depth to the Whisky and just a touch of peat on the finish serves as an assistant to the tobacco leaf from earlier in keeping a balance. 

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