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Bright, clean and respectful of its Loco Blanco base, our limited production Reposado is a sophisticated blend of four barrels that were rested for 6-8 months. Three used barrels impart compelling and complex flavors. From the Irish whiskey and stout beer, we gain notes of malt and roasted grains. The port barrel lends delicate notes of nuts and the Pedro Ximenez sherry provides fine floral and herbal notes. The new French oak contributes elegant vanilla and spicy notes. The earthy tones of Loco Ambar pair well with charred or grilled foods, as well as dark chocolate and candied orange peel.



Loco Tequila seeks to create a new paradigm of tequila-making, one that is defined by terroir, innovation, refinement and uncompromising quality. Following rigorous protocols - from farming to distillation - each limited batch is artisanally crafted using ancestral methods that honor the original identity of agave.

Loco Tequila owns and farms over 200 acres of agave, all within 3 miles of their historic Hacienda de La Providencia and distillery in El Arenal, Jalisco, recognized by UNESCO as the origin of tequila production. Situated at 1,450 m (4,757 ft), the acidic volcanic soils impart bright citrus notes with clean mineral undertones.

Essential to the refinement, richness and smoothness of Loco Tequila is their rare "double jima" technique, shaving the piña a second time to expose the white flesh and removing the cogollo (heart) to eliminate green, waxy and bitter flavors. 

After slow cooking in a traditional horno, both the tahona and small roller mill are used to extract complex, agave-driven flavors. Then using 100+ year old native yeasts, rescued from the wooden tanks of our historic hacienda, we prepare six separate open-air fermentations for every small batch production.

Farmed by Maestro Agavero, Antonio Sanchez and created by Maestro Tequilero, Alberto Navarro, author of Larousse del Tequila. Renowned Mexican artist Jan Hendrix was commissioned to design the packaging. 

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