Monte Alban Silver Tequila

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For nearly a thousand years, Monte Albán existed as an influential Zapotec center in Mesoamerica. It was here that Spanish conquistadors first discovered the local fermented agave drink called “pulque.” From that native spirit, the Spaniards created “mescal” which led to today’s tequila. The blue Weber agave used to create Monte Alban®100% Agave Tequila comes from the two most important zones within the Mexican state of Jalisco—the Tequila Valley and the Region de Los Altos de Jalisco. It is the mixture of agave from these two distinctive geographic regions that gives Monte Alban its unique herbal characteristics. All of Monte Alban's agave is cooked within 36 hours of harvest. Monte Alban is exclusively double distilled in traditional alembics where the steam is never in contact with the fermented agave juice. After distillation, Monte Alban Silver is stored in stainless steel tanks before it’s bottled.

Aroma: Rich, fresh agave with hints of spices and a bouquet of herbal notes

Tasting Notes: Bright agave with hints of citrus and hues of herbs and pepper

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