Monthuys Pere et Fils Brut, NV Champagne, France


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This is a balanced blend of the three major Champagne grapes from a producer in the Marne Valley. With its high proportion of Pinot Meunier, it has a soft and rich character. Attractive and fruity, it's ready to drink.

The Baron family has been cultivated vineyards in Champagne since the 17th century, first as grape growers and then, in 1966 Gabriel Baron decided to vinify by himself and produce his own champagne. First bottles were produced and marketed directly to private customers and to local restaurants. The company kept on developing year after year. Today, the family owns 20 hectares of vineyards and is settled in the village of Charly-Sur-Marne, on the Westside of the Marne valley. The best grapes are dedicated to make Champagne Monthuys, which is being more and more famous.
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