Moriizo "Gokujo (Ultra Premium)" Japanese Shochu 720ml(Kagoshima)


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Moriizou Ultra Premium Japanese Shochu
"The Chateau Petrus of Shochu" The New York Times
Moriizo Shochu is one of the most sought-after shochu in the world. We are honored to carry it in the US.
This extremely rare shochu is distilled from sweet potatoes sourced from ten farmers in Kagoshima. The "Tarumizu" water used in the making of this shochu is drawn from the distillery's own well. The shochu has been distilled in the same building since 1885(which also influence the shochu's character).
Distilling only once preserves the flavor and character of the product being distilled, and keeps the alcohol fairly low at 25% ABV(50 proof). Clay Pot aging for three years allows the pure flavors to mature, develop and truly evolve into a truly interesting beverage.
What does Moriizou taste like? Smooth, elegant, and refined come to mind. There's a subtle sweetness, but we wouldn't call this a sweet beverage. The flavors are soft, layered, and very pure, with faint fruit and floral notes accentuating the essence of the sweet potatoes used in distilling.
The traditional way to drink this is "Oyuwari", or cut with hot water. This softens it even more and truly allows the aromas and nuance to come through.
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