2021 Nikka Discovery Miyagikyo Peated & Yoichi Non-Peated SET 2021


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When we talk about whisky from Yoichi and Miyagikyo, we generally expect the former to be heavier and richer, with layers of peat smoke throughout, and the latter to be lighter with fruity and floral tones. However, for the exciting new Discovery Series, Nikka appear to have flipped the switch.

The first of the two new releases is the “Yoichi Non-Peated” and, according to the back label, it “offers a pleasant surprise that overturns the preconceived ‘Peaty’ image of Yoichi”. Instead, it aims to bring a delicate balance of “bright fruitiness and rich mouthfeel” all backed up by a distinctive smokiness imparted by coal-fired distillation. 

The smokiness in this whisky is likely to be quite different from the unique flavour of peat smoke, instead bringing aromas and flavours more akin to a smouldering barbecue than anything else.

It’s a step away from the distillery’s usual characteristics and one that opens up the possibilities for a range of very different Yoichi expressions, unlike anything we have seen so far.

Much like the Yoichi, Nikka have taken a step away from the norm with their new Miyagikyo single malt. The “Miyagikyo Peated” was created using peated malt and, as stated on the back label, “offers a pleasant surprise that overturns the preconceived ‘floral and fruity’ image of Miyagikyo”. 

Instead, it will bring a boldness made of rich flavours that combine with the instantly recognisable peat smoke to create a whisky that is world’s apart from what we are used to from the distillery. 

As a result, this is set to be a truly intriguing release and one that we know millions around the world will be keen to try. Like the Yoichi, it opens the door for a vastly different array of bottlings from the distillery and this could change the landscape of Nikka whiskies forever, which is something that we can all get excited about. 

Quantities of these bottles are highly limited only 20,000 bottles per Distillery.

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