Raymond 1.5lb Sourdough Loaf bread

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The Raymond Story:

The Raymond family business began in 1978, when they bought a small delicatessen in San Mateo, California and named it Nick’s Deli. Every year it grew stronger and stronger until there were lines out from both ends of the store! After about eight years at that location, they moved a few doors down to a bigger building where we could now do full catering and could experiment with their own breads for sandwiches. After a lot of trial and error, and very long nights, they achieved a product that they were proud of. 

Years ago Raymond grew out of their San Mateo location and purchased the old Fantasia Bakery building located in South San Francisco and continued to expand to meet the needs of their  customers. They have true, authentic San Francisco style sourdough bread made with the finest ingredients, without preservatives.

They have learned from our customers that our golden crust and wonderful sour flavor cannot be beat. Their sourdough bread is naturally fermented and we guarantee our products to be of true quality.

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