The 50 by 50 Wine Club FREEDOM CHOICE Summer/Spring 2022 Release (ROSE) 6 Bottle/Shipment


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We hope you enjoyed the fantastic release party on July 8th and that some of you were able to get your wines during the event; then, I was going to ship the wines to the other Wine Club Members. The recent sweltering heat has been an issue; now that the temperatures are more bearable, it's time to unveil the 50 by 50 Rose of Pinot Noir 2022 and some AWESOME swag Gerald has prepared for you.
As part of the swag, you'll receive the Official 80's Cruise T-Shirt from Devo's Cruise to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Luis, which took place in March 2023. This is a memorable keepsake for attendees of the cruise, but Gerald was able to score some additional shirts for our Wine Club.
Next up, we have the new DEVO Sticks. These unique items are sure to become a conversation starter and a prized possession for any DEVO enthusiast.
And, of course, we couldn't forget the Gerald Casale - The Invisible Man Pin. Wear it pridefully and show your support for Gerald and his artistic endeavors.
Last but certainly not least, the highlight is the Signed Autograph bottle of the 2022 Rose of Pinot Noir. This limited-edition bottle carries not only the exquisite taste of the wine but also the personal touch of Gerald's signature—a true collector's item.
To ensure you receive the right T-Shirt size, please reply with your preference for Large or Medium T-Shirts.



The 50 by 50 Carneros Rose of Pinot Noir 2022 is ready to drink!

Gerald Casale here, saying hello to my Club 50 by 50 members and of course Rose wine aficionados in the U-S of A.

Over the past few years my Carneros Rose of Pinot Noir has emerged as a fan favorite.  As in the previous two years the 2022 vintage is once again a bulls eye release. It’s right on target in that Goldilocks sweet spot of crisp and dry meets lush, strawberry and peach tinged Pinot Noir fruit from 100% Dijon clones.

Those familiar with my 50 by 50 Rose know we harvest the fruit at just the right Brix (not too ripe) to fashion intentional Rose, rather than make it as a byproduct of red Pinot Noir winemaking as so many producers do. The juice is separated from the skins after about an hour of contact to insure the wine’s appealing Salmon-pink hue and enticing nose.

Using Dijon 115 Pinot Noir clones lets us deliver a more lush, complex Rose with at least a two-stage taste experience, making it pair beautifully with a wide range of foods including, hummus and chips, thin-crust pizzas, grilled shrimp and Salmon, etc, etc.

The 50 by 50 Carneros Rose of Pinot Noir puts one-note Rose’s to shame. Yet, despite inflation and rise winemaking costs, our Rose comes to you at a bargain price: Still only $23 a bottle! Only 124 cases were made.

Of course you club members, whether enrolled in the Freedom of Choice or Beautiful World level memberships, are assured your special discounts and signed bottles and exclusive Devo, music related “swag”.

So, whether you are already a fan or you are just considering imbibing the 50 by 50 Carneros Rose of Pinot Noir for the first time I can honestly say you will find it beyond satisfying.

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Yours Truly,


Gerald V Casale,  The 50 by 50 Wines

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