The Mikuni Whisky Mimami Alps Japan


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Located at the foot of Japan's Southern Alps, our distillery is surrounded by nature and looks towards Mt. Fuji.  Kenju Wantanabe, our master blender, carefully balances a number of select malt and grain whiskys with mountain water filtered through porous, volcanic rock.  The whiskey is then matured in Bourbon oak barrels for three years for a harmonious, and enjoyable, drinking experience.

Color: Clear amber

Nose: Faint smoke accent. Sweet aroma, redolent of pear and dried fruit

Taste: A slightly edgy attack. Well-rounded and mellow.

Finish: Slightly Spicy.  A long finish with a hint of white oak and a spreading sweetness.  Enjoy this whisky "mizuwari-style", with a splash of water to open the flavors and aromas, on the rocks, or in your favorite highball or cocktail.

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