Daitengu Shuzo Junmai 300ml (Fukushima)


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This is a really nice “picnic sake,” that goes nicely with a variety of foods. We sampled this sake with “rookie” sake drinkers who told us they enjoyed the light, sweet smells of this beverage. One of our tasters reported that this sake “smells like springtime.”
We find aromas of white flowers, honeysuckle, apple, a bit of jasmine, and some dairy. On the palate, clean, dry flavors of apple, pear, honey, and a nice clean finish.
The folks at Daigengu like this with miso and/or soy based umami-ish foods. We also like it with tonkatsu and ramen. From a Western perspective, we like it with fried chicken, seafood, pizza, and burgers. In other words: picnic food!
Our “rookie” tasters reported that they would also enjoy drinking this on its own, on their porch, on a nice summer day.

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