Sasanokawa Honjozo "ICHI" 720m(Fukushima)


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We call this extremely dry sake “the whisky drinker’s sake”. The name of this sake literally means “Fukushima’s Number One Driest Sake,” (Sasanokawa, also has a rich heritage in the Japanese whisky world).

This is a “Honjozo”, which means it’s made with a dash of distiller’s alcohol. You’ll find that this creates an aroma and flavor profile that really makes the aroma and flavor “pop”.
This sake’s brewed with “Hitomebore” (“love at first sight”) table rice. Hitomebore’s a hearty, cold-climate rice that can stand up to a long ferment and provide great flavors.
It’s extremely dry. Most sake, even “dry” sake, has a touch of sweetness. “Karakuchi Ichi” ferments to the driest possible level. It does this by using #11 yeast which is highly tolerant of alcohol and provides great acidity, and relatively low umami.
Most important, it tastes great! Layered aromas and flavors of licorice, Asian pear, green apple, and dried fruit. The mouthfeel is reminiscent of dry sherry. The finish is very clean.
Pair with hearty foods and definitely serve on the rocks.

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