Sasanokawa Shuzo Tennotsubu Mukashijitate Junmai 720ml (Fukushima)


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The current trend in sake brewing is to use highly polished rice to make smooth-drinking sake with relatively small amounts of umami (which is all well and good). This sake is made “old school,” which is what “Mukashijitate” basically means. The brewery polishes away only 20% of the rice grain and ferments the remaining 80%. With that much rice, you get the full range of flavors in Fukushima’s “Tennotsubu” rice variety.
This sake has aromas of steamed rice, peach, and citrus and flavors that include melon, and dairy (and lots of umami).
Food Pairing: Steak (we did a Wagyu/Tennostsubu tasting with the Japan External Trade Organization’s YouTube Channel, and it tasted amazing), BBQ, Stews, and Indian Cuisine, and is delicious on its own. You can drink this chilled, but serving heated accentuates this sake’s aromas and flavors.

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